Core Beliefs and Affiliations

We adhere and have adopted as a Church "The Baptist Faith & Message 2000", as our CORE BELIEFS.

The Mission/Purpose of the Seagrove Baptist Church is

TO  Exalt the Savior through individual and corporate worship

TO  Equip the saints for the abundant life and the work of the ministry through Bible-based preaching/ teaching.

TO  Encourage the saints in sorrow and in service through loving, caring and accepting Christian fellowship.

TO  Evangelize the lost through proclaiming God’s Word and calling people everywhere to accept through faith 

TO  Enable the Church to fulfill her ministry through the wise stewardship of the resources that God has entrusted to   

          this Body of Believers.

Link: The Baptist Faith & Message 2000

Florida baptist Convention

Right Beside You: not just a slogan, it’s our commitment to you.

We’ll walk beside you as God moves in amazing ways through your church, making disciples.

We’re here, right beside you, ready to serve and support YOU! How can we help you?

Link: Florida Baptist Convention

southern baptist convention

For almost 170 years, Southern Baptists have sought to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. The Southern Baptist Convention was formed with a Gospel vision. Its founding charter identifies its singular focus: ...for the purpose of eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the Gospel...

Link: Southern Baptist Convention