update from ukraine

Dear Seagrove Baptist Church, 

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord!

We always give thanks to God for you and your genuine love for Ukraine and our family. Our visit to your church and your sugar-white beaches will be long remembered. 

We would like to share with you this personal update and Serve Ukraine Ministries report.

Our legal documents are still pending but we pray for the fast approval. Our lease of a house in downtown Tuscaloosa is about to expire so we moved to another house. The church in the outskirts of Tuscaloosa in the town of Duncanville has allowed us to stay in its parsonage until April. Praise God for His mercy. We had to move our children to another school and hope they will blend and make new friends quickly. We are also looking for a second car that we can borrow for half a year. 

October Ukraine Update

Grace and peace to you this day. 

We often lift you up in our prayers thanking God for you and your church. 

We would like to share with you the September report of our ministry to the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine has been a lot on the news recently, that is why instead of reporting how evil progresses I wish to share what God is doing amid the war. 

The last few days Russian missiles caused a lot of damage to the power infrastructure (30 %) of Ukraine leaving many cities and towns in complete darkness. The kamikaze-drone was seen flying above our home church in Ukraine but by God's grace was shot down by air-defence systems. 

These attacks were clearly aimed to take away Ukraine's ability to heat their homes as winter is on the way. That is why our efforts to help the Ukrainian churches to obtain wood and coal, as well as generators are as valuable as never before. 

By the mercy of God, since September 6, Ukrainian military has already liberated more than 400 villages and towns in Ukraine. People meet the soldiers with tears on their eyes bringing pies or freshly baked bread.  So thankful for all the help from North America both financial and lethal. 

The temperature in Ukraine has gone down significantly. Last month the first snow covered some of the mountain regions of Ukraine. 

The container with winter clothing, blankets and ready-to-eat meals is on the way to Ukraine and should arrive early November. 

Below are some of the pictures of 30 pastors/chaplains/ministry leaders that we are supporting with 300 y.e. a month until the end of the winter season. 

The church needs to install a warm floor so we sent them 9,000 USD. They have been building this church for the last 12 years using personal means and this assistance was the answer to their despair. I have been friends with Pastor Roman for many years but only this year I found out that they were having a hard time finishing the project they started many years ago. 

Please find the break up of expenses for the previous month:

$ 6,590 - Container shipping costs

$ 9,000 - Church building project in Razdelnoe, Odessa region

$ 9,000 - Support of 30 pastors with 300 USD a month

$ 27,600 - Winter heating support for 13 churches

$ 5,000 - Support of 50 + orphans

$ 2,500 - Support of Ukrainian refugees oversees and evacuations

$ 529 - Batteries for walkies (soldiers)

Total spent: $ 60,219

May God continue to bless you and your church. 

In Him,

Slavik Rimski