Nursery at Seagrove

Our nursery is one area that we are forever changing to be able to meet the needs of our members and guests. We want to keep the safety and well-being of our babies at the forefront of everything we do. We use a check-in system, beepers, and we have the building secure for when the kids are in place and in our care. Our prayer is that parents will have the security to know that their child(ren) are safe, learning the word of God, and are loved by our volunteers. 

The pre-cautions in place such as every volunteer has to pass an extensive background check and fill out a volunteer application that gives their overall experience with children.  

Preschool at Seagrove

Our preschool ministry at seagrove is one that we strive to fulfill the our purpose to teach the kids the characteristics of God. Every aspect from songs that we sing, to the bible study time, and fellowship time are areas that we try our best to align with this purpose of teaching the kids about God's character.  

Sunday's and Wednesday's are our prime time with our preschool kids. Both are featured as small groups for the kids to grow in their faith.